By Bobby Hundreds

December 04, 2008

Scotty and Ricky Webb took off yesterday for the Tampa Am, which kicks off today at Skatepark of Tampa in Florida. If you make it out for the biggest am skate contest of the year, show your support for Rick along with our team riders Owen and Josh Grossguth who are also competing.

Speaking of support, The Hundreds is customary uniform for everyone here, but it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate other brands and the work they put into their product. I mean, Scotty’s been rocking that Brixton snap-back in the photo above for like 2 weeks straight now.

Vern picked up this Maiden Noir t-shirt the other day. That’s a pretty stellar printjob.

Leila’s got on a zip-up hoody from our friend Tony out in Korea, who just launched his brand SUP’PLIER. It’s normal human clothes, but we tailored the sweatshirt for bulldog specs.

Eyeballing my lunch.


While we’re on the subject ofother brands, we just got back some more 5TH t-shirts that will be dropping later this month. For this project, we worked with 5 of our good friends in the industry who also happen to run the strongest brands in the game. Keep checking back to get the..uhh.. bigger picture.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds