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It’s raining (still), so I’m sitting here at home working on our newest Chronicle with Jeff Ng aka jeffstaple of Staple / The Reed Space. I’ll be the first admit that we don’t update our Chronicles nearly as much as we should.. if anything, I attribute it to a lack of resources. When we launched our website in 2003, there were so many ripe stories to tell, so much innovation and creative talent that was aching for exposure. Not that there isn’t today, but by now, I think you’ve pretty much read all your favorite brands’ / designers’ /artists’ stories in some web interview on one of the countless webzines out there.

But I think the point where our ‘zine differs is that these are the individuals and brands who’ve inspired us in our own regard. To the point where we want to share their stories with you, the reader. There is no doubt that you’ve heard of jeffstaple by now, are familiar with his work, and yes, probably have read a good interview with him here and there. But this was my time to ask him the questions I always wanted to hear him answer. Like what he thinks about Nike’s relevance in our culture, or how he achieves truly great design. I can honestly say that this is one of the best Chronicles I have ever worked on for our website, so give it a thorough read-through once it publishes in the next week.

In the meantime, I’d also like to refer you to Jeff’s blog, which is another one of the very few blogs that I check on the regular. It’s kinda like my blog, but he hangs out with cooler people, eats better food, travels to crazier places, gets doper product shwag… he even got a miniature Delorean for Christmas, he survived a gnarly death-defying car crash.. in fact, yeah, umm nevermind.! Don’t check it.



by bobbyhundreds

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