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It’s E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, by far the biggest gaming convention of the year.

I’ll be the first to admit that my breadth of video game knowledge starts at Coleco Vision and ends somewhere around Kid Icarus. Or Ikari Warriors. Aside from that, I play a mean game of Brickbreaker on my phone.

So I’m not gonna pretend like I’m a gaming expert, or that I was remotely interested in lining up to play all the exciting upcoming video games for 2010/2011. Not so into the electronics, but I was thoroughly entertained…

Clinton Sparks!

The big buzz at the show was around Microsoft’s KINECT, which is Xbox’s controller-free gaming system. This is the definition of next-generation video games. There are no apparatuses involved, no mat that you stand on, no wands, nothing. Just a box that sits under your TV and monitors your body movements. Microsoft is even incorporating it into your daily living room experience. That means no more remote control, you just wave your hands around in mid-air and flip through channels. From what I’ve gathered, the goal here is to make you look as utterly ridiculous and out-of-your-mind as possible.

Lots of commotion around TRON.

Sorry, caught you with the shuteye Meth.

Who dat?

I guess that dude in the black jacket is famous on some kind of level. But all I kept hearing was “Who is that guy?”

Wait what.

I guess Dreamcast is coming back..?

Poked our heads in and said hi to Olivia as she filmed her segment for G4TV, which has been covering E3 all week. My favorite correspondent’s also got a spot over at The Daily Show now also, in case you haven’t heard.


Remember when The Legend of Zelda was a gold cartridge for the original Nintendo? Was anyone else down with Castlevania? Rush’N Attack? Anyone?

I feel so old. When I was in high school, it was all about the Honda CRX. What’s a CRZ?


I love the gaming community.

by bobbyhundreds

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