By Bobby Hundreds

November 05, 2009

Who is Wallace? Why does he always end up on the blog? Why do we dedicate entire t-shirt graphics around him? Moreso than Adam Bomb, Wallace is the true mascot here at The Hundreds. Ben picked up the world’s #1 pug within months of us starting the brand. So he’s as integral to TH than any human being. Lately, he’s been graying a bit, going for that sophisticated, distinguished look. Still as handsome as ever. He’s like the George Clooney of pugs.


Arsen (Hall of Fame) swung through the HQ. We used to work right next to this guy every single day, so it felt like old times having him around to chop it up. One of our favorite collaborations was with HOF (the upside-down Adam New Era). We’re figuring it’s time to work on another project, perhaps?

Looks like Charlotte is working on a project of her own. That’s Ben’s snippy Frenchie. She’s more pugnacious than the pug.


There’re dogs all over this building. Terriers, pitbulls, I brought my lab in here a couple times before she laid presents all over Jon’s office (Looked like someone had a mudfight in the room that day).


I mean, Drew even made thousands of his own Bubba & El-A sticker, with official The Hundreds back-crack peel. You’ll soon see these plastered all over Los Angeles, confusing people everywhere.


Kimiya loves being on camera. Doggone it.


by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds