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As the scene and industry evolve, so do the online culture purveyors. The most noteworthy developments have come by way of the new Hypebeast and SlamXHype websites which debuted recently. Both blogs have progressed through multiple chapters, but have whittled it down to the essentials and heightened scrutiny through in-depth features and unique editorial. Less inane product shots, more enriched text, and a greater sense of appreciation overall. Two thumbs up from this end.

Hypebeast has got a great piece on the AF1 Charles Barkley project right now. Most of the key functions of the site are yet to be unveiled, but so far, so good Kevin. Clean, functional, and giving me just the right amount of information to keep me educated, but not nauseated with product overload.


Adam introduced the new SlamXHype layout a few weeks prior and has been notably putting in heavy work on the research/development end of design and editorial. Currently, he has a thorough interview with Kevin Imamura (Nike SB) regarding Nike’s new skate film. And the color scheme’s black and white. Can’t beat that.


This is probably meant for a separate posting, but have you sat on The Social Consumer yet? Jeff Carvalho from Weekly Drop and Nick Schonberger have constructed a minimal website based around intellectual perspective essays of the culture we’re immersed in. While Kevin and Adam list product on their respective news-blogs, with The Social Consumer, Jeff, Nick, and guest writers like Steven Vogel venture deeper into the phenomena surrounding the hyper-consumerism, teenage politics, and gravity/levity of it all. Interesting.


by bobbyhundreds

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