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Back when Dillon used to work for us, I was almost convinced this kid was a lost cause. I’m not even sure what exactly he was doing for The Hundreds – he was like an intern and shop staffer but also full-time maniacal screwloose. Pretty sure Dillon used to pour milk into a bowl of Ritalin and call it cereal.

Then he disappeared for a few years and re-emerged as this world famous DJ and none of us could believe it. It’s kinda like that kid you used to punk who re-emerges as this world famous DJ and no one can believe it. I remember this one time Jon dumped a bucket of water on Dillon’s head while he slept in a Vegas hotel room, and I vividly remember it because it’s on Youtube still. Nope, I’m not gonna link you.

Well, looks like Dillon had the last laugh. Because while I’m in an office surrounded with heavy, hairy, ethnic men, Dillon is jetsetting around the world, sleeping in piles of naked women every night, and having Scion film tongue-in-cheek mini-docs on his lifestyle. Go Dillon.

(Pssst… Dillon’s flannel can be yours by clicking HERE.)

video by Scion
by bobbyhundreds

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