By Bobby Hundreds

September 20, 2011

Had enough incredible street art stories out of Los Angeles yet? I HAVEN’T.

Yesterday morning, I drove up to Santa Monica to catch the last of the controversial HEAL THE BAY houseas it gasped it’s last breath. 150 panels by RISK and RETNA that read “RESTORE AND PROTECT THE WORLD’S OCEANS.” The project was done in secrecy without the neighborhood (or the city) knowing about it until it was unveiled. The house belongs to Adam Corlin who took it over from squatters and vagrants who had turned it into an eyesore. He saw the opportunity for art and a message, but the City apparently saw something negative, because they ordered its prompt removal. Bummer.

Oh p.s. if you’re feeling kinda angry about that, why don’t you go on over HERE and sign the petition to end the Mural Moratorium in LA?

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds