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BURN BABY BURN :: NYC Hardcore at The Roxy

BURN BABY BURN :: NYC Hardcore at The Roxy

Off the tails of our BURN collaboration—which is now available!—just got home from The Roxy in Hollywood for the band’s Los Angeles reunion show. All the homies were out tonight—Dom Deluca, Matt Pike, Atiba—I even saw our own Alina Nguyen stirring up the pit. Speaking of homies, Strife warmed up the crowd that spanned generations of hardcore enthusiasts.

I’ve been shooting Strife for twenty years now, and have a near-identical Andrew Kline jumper from The Barn. Yes, that is a very cool story, bro.

Still here after all these years. Love Rick and the boys. This is my youth.

Made my way upstairs between sets to find my family Toby (H2O) and Max chumming it up with Chaka, who’s in our purple collaboration jacket. That colorway was all Chaka’s doing. One thing I’ve always loved about that rare BURN merch is the wacked-out color schemes. Maybe my flash is too bright, Toby??

After much anticipation—years, in fact—Chaka, Gavin, and the crew take the stage…

And the rest is future history.

Thank you, BURN…

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