By Bobby Hundreds

January 09, 2010

One thing I’m really anticipating over the next year is the advancement of video and filmmaking as a medium on the web. I think this is largely due to the development of slicker video webhosting, HD videocameras, video on smartphones, Flips, and even the camera I use, the 5D Mark II (or other recent Canon DSLRs with HD video). For me, personally, it’s become another means of storytelling here on the blog. And lately, I’ve been really impressed with other brands’ film work including Brunetti’s ongoing movie series with FUCT and Sophomore.

So I think this is a good thing, we’ve all seen what blogging and digital cameras have done for the maturation of photography. The Hundreds’ fan Bean sends his buddy Seb’s animated movie all the way from London, England, starring (Adam Bomb’s British cousin??) Ed Bomb.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds