By Bobby Hundreds

April 06, 2010

After work, I headed over to see Mickey Avalon and Dave Choe. Dave’s been crazed outta his mind getting ready for his solo exhibition at the Lazarides Gallery here in LA. He’s finally set an opening date, it’s April 23rd. Believe it or not, he’s painted every piece thus far in those same The Hundreds BUM shorts. They’re purple and everyone keeps making fun of Dave for wearing them, just like they laughed at Thomas Edison for the lightbulb. But he’s churned out an entire gallery full of ingenious masterpieces, so who’s laughing now? OoooOOooooOhhhh…

Introducing Neapolitan. This is their first group shot. When they’re famous, or more likely infamous, or whatever, I will license the living daylights outta this photograph to Hot Topic and art-house book publishers.



Bobby Hundreds