By Bobby Hundreds

February 02, 2011

When I first started coming to Hong Kong, it took a bit of adjustment, but over the years, it’s become a second home. And during that time, China has taken centerstage in the global economy… China is history in the making right now, and if you’re not ready to accept that, then you’re already left far behind. There’s so much new money and development here, the art coming out of this country is the most dynamic in the world, and streetwear and fashion in general are on an entirely different plane, with its own set of rules, trending, and process. The Hundreds has made a steady foray into China over the years but we are now set to make a substantial splash, fully immersing ourselves in the Chinese marketplace and public awareness. So be prepared to hear a lot more about our relationship with the next frontier, and in the meantime, you can add our Chinese Weibo here and my own personal one here!

Before I left, we had lunch with Jason Landver (Lucas) and his awesome wife Melissa. They just accomplished an epic South African wedding, but what they’re really best at is handling Disney Couture jewelry.

What about Hilary? She’s an actress and veritable fashion icon out here. Speaking of Weibo, I think she weighs in at over 400,000 followers? I only have 399,999 more to go.

We broached the subject of Blackberry vs. iPhone during our Thai meal, and looks like I’m the only loser still BBMing. Everyone’s converted, and they have their unique iPhone cases to prove it.

Verizon’s opening up the iPhone for pre-sale tomorrow, right? Hmmm… I’ll miss you tactile keyboard…


by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds