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Cartel011 is a destination concept retail space in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With a blacked-out exterior, the project often hosts special events as well as curating a home for all walks of creative talent.

Inside, you can find traditional retail for innovative designed product from housewares to fashion.

There’s also a gallery, which regularly rotates art exhibitions.

The back of the building segues into fine dining, with a sleek restaurant prime for business meetings or a night out.

Take the stairs to the second floor, which conceals office space. Cartel 011 leases out the desks on a monthly basis.

There’s a barber shop/salon somewhere in here as well. This place has it all.

Earlier in the day, we stopped by to visit our friends at Pretorian, which is an all-encompassing man’s brand.

Touching on all things testosterone, Pretorian’s retail is dedicated to bikes and leather and their in-house labels.

The brand is widely regarded in Brazil for it’s MMA connects. Some of the top fighters in the country — as well as the Pretorian owners and staff, who were just here — train in the Pretorian gym, which is right above the shop:

On the very top floor is the showroom, where we find everything from Pretorian hoodies to women’s:

This is the homey Zero aka Discokilla, he’s the designer here at Pretorian and also a huge The Hundreds fan.

He’s responsible for everything from the graphics to the cut/sew to the gloves:

Their other in-house label is Top Hat, which is more up Zero’s alley.

There’s something for everyone in Brazil…

by bobbyhundreds

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