By Bobby Hundreds

February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. The Hundreds is in Las Vegas this week for the MAGIC Trade Show, an international gathering of fashion’s foremost, showing off their wares for the upcoming year to buyers and retailers from around the world.

Cupcakes are courtesy of Angel and Tal!

Serious business. Aaron (Agenda), and our own Ashley and Tal:

Not-so-serious business. Vlad selling one of my favorite streetwear brands out there, Hall of Fame.

Huf Dirtbag Crew!

Ray (Mighty Healthy) and Rob (LRG), brothers from the same mother.

Jeff Carvalho (High Snobiety) is the Bob Lefsetz of streetwear.

My friend Eddie’s (VIVA LA ART) in town for the day at the Jedediah booth.

Jersey Joe (RIME) is working on something.. we’ll come back a little later to see the results.

Dave Jeff is still so PHLI.

Our Korean distribution, my peoples come first: KASINA

Anne (HUF) and Jamie (J.Money) are o.g.’s in the game.

Quick glance over at the High Ollie contest.

Adam celebrates his 40th birthday today.. he was there when it started.. a trueOriginator.

Looky looky double trouble: Holly Madison and Angel Porrino (Holly’s World)

Holly’s getting handy with the camera as well. Polaroid-blog styles inside our booth.


by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds