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Lost Boys T-Shirt

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  • After The Hundreds turned five, Ben and Bobby set the tone for the brand’s second half-decade with a monumental Disney collaboration. After bootlegging the Mousketeers for years, including on this bright yellow classic, rumor has it that Disney was going to sue the hell out of The Hundreds unless they were interested in collaborating on an official project instead. Um, they definitely were. When it came down to selecting which Disney property to focus on with the collection, The Hundreds kind of came out of left field with a request to work with the Lost Boys, who reminded us of, well, us. Disney was surprised, and they hemmed and hawed the whole way as we tried to turn Neverland’s finest into bikers, punks, and skaters. But it happened. And Disney’s entire rulebook on licensing and collaborations had to subsequently be thrown out and rewritten after the project, considering we broke like all of them. For example, The Hundreds is written in the Disney font. That’s obviously not allowed… to anyone but us. Over a decade later and we still haven’t grown up.
  • DS
  • 2008

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