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Face Mask FAQ


Does this mask filter viruses like COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2?

No. Cloth masks alone do not offer meaningful protection. This mask is not a replacement for N95 respirator masks often used in high-risk settings like hospitals.


Is this a replacement for N95 respirator masks?

This mask is not a replacement for N95 respirators. N95 respirators are in short supply. They need to be worn by people at the highest risk such as intensive care doctors or anesthesiologists. 


What if my mask is too small?

If your mask is too small to comfortably fit around your ears, wearing the mask in a modified way that resembles swimming goggles more than a traditional mask may help solve your issue.

Get a household object (shoestring, elastic band, or even a paper clip) and feed it through both ear loops. Then secure it around your head to the appropriate tightness level. This should keep the mask taut on your face but still be comfortable to wear.

If you'd like to purchase a product specifically for this use, rather than using something at home, we have found a few 'ear saver' extenders online. Examples of these products can be found here and here.  


What if my mask is too big?

If your mask is too big to fit securely on your face, take the following steps.

First, make sure you’ve washed your mask. This is important for safety best practices and will also help make the mask snug on your face. 

Then, the simplest thing to do is tie a small knot on each ear loop to shorten them. This results in some of the excess elastic being tied behind each ear.


How many layers does the mask have?

These masks have two cloth layers.


Does this mask include a slot for a filter?

No, this mask does not have a slot for a filter.


Can I return my mask or receive a refund?

Due to the nature of this product, all mask sales are final and they cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.


How do I care for my mask?

All masks are machine washable on a gentle cycle. Air dry as-needed. We recommend washing your mask before first use and following each wear.