LOOKBOOK :: The Hundreds X Sepultura

The Hundreds Staff :: 2.24.21 — Ahead of the release of our collaboration with legendary thrash metal band Sepultura, check out Baeth's latest lookbook!read more

REWRITING HISTORY :: Kahim Smith's H33M Created the Future Yesterday

Duke London :: 2.23.21 — H33M is part of a class of young Black-owned brands making waves in streetwear right now, positioning themselves for exponential growth in the coming years. We caught up with Kahim Smith to learn m...read more

NOTHING IS SACRED :: The Hundreds X Sepultura Interview

Justin Esposito :: 2.22.21 — We were lucky enough to dive into the minds of Sepultura to talk about their new album, their global perspective, music in the era of Covid, and how the blues is the absolute truth in music.read more

REWRITING HISTORY :: Meet the Streetwear Prodigy Behind Crenshaw Skate Club

Duke London :: 2.18.21 — As we shine a light on young Black entrepreneurs making waves in the streetwear space, people like Tobey McIntosh are impossible to ignore. Learn more about the young founder now.read more

LOOKBOOK :: The Hundreds by PRXKHXR

The Hundreds Staff :: 2.17.21 — Shop The Hundreds by PRXKHXR tonight at 9 PM PSTread more

TEXTS TO TEXTILES :: A Lesson in Shooting Your Shot from 24-Year-Old New Delhi Designer PRXKHXR

Duke London :: 2.15.21 — When Prakhar Chauhan sent Bobby Hundreds a DM at 3 in the morning, he never expected it to lead to a collaboration. Learn how it all went down in this new interview.read more

LOOKBOOK :: Spring 2021 New Adam Bomb Products

The Hundreds Staff :: 2.10.21 — The second drop of Spring 2021 is almost here, complete with brand new Adam Bomb pieces to add to your collectionread more

REWRITING HISTORY :: Meet Young Corey from Circulate

Duke London :: 2.8.21 — In celebrating Black history, we also want to shine a light on the Black creators writing new chapters of history. Today, we introduce you to our friend Corey from Circulate.read more

LOOKBOOK :: The Hundreds Spring 2021 Collection (Delivery One)

The Hundreds Staff :: 2.3.21 — Take a look at the first delivery of The Hundreds Spring 2021 Collection in this brand new lookbook before the pieces drop tonight at 9 PM PSTread more

The Black Mental Health Alliance is Redefining the Road to Recovery

Duke London :: 2.1.21 — While we championed their work last year during the rollout of that landmark collaboration, it's imperative we dive deeper into their work and let you know what the BMHA does on a daily basis so yo...read more

LOOKBOOK :: The Hundreds X Tell Your Children

The Hundreds Staff :: 1.26.21 — Take a look at our latest collaboration with Singapore-based creative studio Tell Your Children.read more

UNDER ONE ROOF :: How Tell Your Children Uses Art to Strengthen Their Community

The Hundreds Staff :: 1.26.21 — Coming together and celebrating the things we have in common, as well as the differences that make us unique, is the core of our Tell Your Children collaboration, and working with such talented fri...read more

LOOKBOOK :: Artist Series Bandanas #2

The Hundreds Staff :: 1.20.21 — We're back with a brand new capsule of Artist Series Bandanas, complete with four new artists you'll love and a portion of profits going to each of their favorite charities. Get one of these limite...read more


The Hundreds Staff :: 1.20.21 — For our latest round of Artist Series Bandanas, we’re partnering with four of the most exciting contemporary artists in the world to bring you a limited collection of timeless, wearable pieces. The...read more


The Hundreds Staff :: 1.18.21 — You can get your hands on the Nicasio Fernandez edition of The Hundreds Artist Series Bandanas on January 21 from The Hundreds App and Online Shop. For now, take a look at some of our favorite work...read more


The Hundreds Staff :: 1.18.21 — You can get your hands on the Szabolcs Bozó edition of The Hundreds Artist Series Bandanas on January 21 from The Hundreds App and Online Shop. For now, take a look at some of our favorite work by ...read more

ARTIST SERIES SPOTLIGHT :: Andrea Marie Breiling

The Hundreds Staff :: 1.18.21 — You can get your hands on the Andrea Marie Breiling edition of The Hundreds Artist Series Bandanas on January 21 from The Hundreds App and Online Shop. For now, take a look at some of our favorite ...read more

How Billie Eilish, Internet Beef, and Bootleg Baseball Logos Helped the Brand Absent Blow Up

Duke London :: 1.8.21 — We caught up with the two founders of Absent to figure out how they've taken over the last year or so.read more

THE REINTRODUCTION :: An Interview with Bando

Sandy Mosqueda :: 1.7.21 — In our latest interview, Sandy connects with Dallas-area artist Bando to chat about his new project, Bellflower.read more

EVERYTHING IS SUPER :: We Found Out What Makes Music Producer Super Miles Tick

Sandy Mosqueda :: 1.5.21 — Music producer Super Miles has been steadily showing up on more and more of the best projects in hip-hop, and you're about to hear a lot more of him. Get to know the man behind the music in our lat...read more

The Hundreds X Britney Spears

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.17.20 — We're closing out 2020 with one of our biggest collaborations yet! Shop The Hundreds X Britney Spears nowread more

We're Escaping 2020 and Taking a Trip Back to 1999

Duke London :: 12.17.20 — The year 1999 represents so many incredible Britney memories, from the “...Baby One More Time” video and the Rolling Stone cover story to the VMAs with N*SYNC and her first headlining tour. But her...read more

The Hundreds 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.16.20 — Before it gets to the last minute and you end up buying a stack of gift cards again, let us help you pick out the perfect present for everyone on your list this holiday season!read more

The Hundreds X Need For Speed: No Limits

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.11.20 — You've played the game, now cop the collection. The Hundreds X Need For Speed: No Limits is available now!read more

NEED FOR SPEED :: The Legendary Soundtracks that Fuel Our Favorite Racing Game

Duke London :: 12.11.20 — Need For Speed has been one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time, and music is a big reason why. Read on to find out how we helped curate the soundtrack for The Hundreds edition of...read more

TOP 5 :: Hello Kitty Collaborations

Sandy Mosqueda :: 12.10.20 — Hello Kitty has been part of some of the most popular collaborations ever, check out five of our favorites!read more

The Hundreds X Sanrio

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.9.20 — The collection you've all been waiting for is finally here. Shop The Hundreds X Sanrio now!read more

The Hundreds X Uno

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.3.20 — “Most games in life are about how much you have. This one, however, is about losing it all. It’s not a race to the bottom, it’s about getting back to what’s most important. He who dies with the mos...read more

UNO :: All the Crazy Ways to Play America's Favorite Game

Duke London :: 12.2.20 — Who doesn't love Uno? The wildly popular and infinitely customizable game is about to turn 50, so we're looking back at Uno's history and all the crazy ways people play.read more

HINT OF CINNAMON :: DJ and Activist Jasmine Solano Was Born to Perform

Caitlin White :: 12.2.20 — Jasmine Solano was basically born with a microphone in one hand and the other hand scratching some vinyl, so you could say she's a natural. This year, she used her talents to do some good in the mu...read more

An Inside Look at LA's Mysterious Secret Headquarters Comic Book Shop

Duke London :: 11.27.20 — If you've ever wondered what the mysterious Secret Headquarters on Sunset in Silverlake is all about, we went undercover to find out everything we could.read more

The Hundreds X DC Comics

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.25.20 — BOOM! POW! The Hundreds X DC Comics is here to save the day from dastardly villains, check out the entire collection and grab your favorite pieces before they go back to their secret hideout.read more

We Asked a Comic Book Expert Why the 1970s were Such a Pivotal Point in Superhero History

Duke London :: 11.25.20 — Before we release our latest DC collaboration, we spoke with comic book expert Ed Saravo to gain a deeper understanding of the iconic era in comic book history we referenced in the graphics.read more

STAFF PICKS :: Superpowers

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.23.20 — Ahead of our epic collaboration with DC Comics, we decided to ask the team what their superpowers would be. Not sure any of us would make the cut in the Justice League.read more

LOOKBOOK :: The Hundreds Adam Bomb Collection

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.18.20 — BOOM. The new Adam Bomb Collection is here, peep the entire lookbook and shop the collection now.read more

The Hundreds Teamed Up with Eat Good NY to Make Adam Bomb Cookies

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.18.20 — COme join us in the kitchen as we use the new Adam Bomb Cookie Cutter to bake the greatest cookies ever made.read more

Before We Unleash Some Amazing New Adam Bomb Collectibles, A Look Back at the Best

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.16.20 — Were releasing a number of amazing Adam Bomb pieces this week, so we wanted to take this opportunity to look back at some classics.read more

STAFF PICKS :: What We're Watching

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.13.20 — As the temperature drops and we start to spend a little more time snuggled up inside, here's what everyone on The Hundreds Team is watching on the tube.read more

ACROSS THE POND :: Artist Alessandra Genualdo Talks About Painting and Mental Health

Lyndsay McLaren :: 11.12.20 — For this week's installment of Across The Pond, Lynders is sitting down with celebrated illustrator and painter, Alessandra Genualdo, and her dog, Kira.read more

WINTER 2020 :: The Sideshow Lookbook

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.10.20 — A brand new look at our Winter 2020 lineup, modeled by the one and only Sideshow.read more

LA Artist Blxst Curated Our Latest AUX Duty Playlist

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.6.20 — Blxst is the latest special guest to take over The Hundreds AUX Duty playlist, check out his picks now.read more

NO LOVE LOST :: LA Standout Blxst Went from Behind the Scenes to Blowing Up

Duke London :: 11.6.20 — We caught up with one of LA's fastest rising stars, Blxst, who just released his entirely self-produced debut EP No Love Lost on Red Bull Records.read more

The Hundreds X Xbox Collection

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.4.20 — Take a look at our brand new collaboration with Xbox, and make a purchase of anything in the collection to become eligible to win a limited edition Adam Bomb Xbox controller.read more

8 Things You Didn't Know About Xbox

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.4.20 — The Xbox has come a long way in two decades, but did you know it was almost built by one of Microsoft's biggest rivals? Read this blog to learn some little known facts about the Xbox.read more

Check Out This Exclusive Custom Adam Bomb Xbox Controller

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.4.20 — Wanna get your hands on this extremely limited edition Adam Bomb Xbox controller? Read this blog to find out how.read more

VOTE :: Today's the Day!

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.3.20 — Today's the day we've been waiting for seemingly forever. Get it done.read more

RECAP :: The Hundreds and Hav A Sole Pulled Up to Covenant House in LA to Give Everyone New Kicks

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.2.20 — This past Friday, The Hundreds and Hav A Sole visited Covenant House in Los Angeles to donate hundreds of pairs of Puma Clydes to homeless and at-risk youth. Check it out and donate some of your ow...read more

HEART AND SOLE :: How One Good Deed Inspired a Sneakerhead to Give 25,000 Homeless People New Shoes

Duke London :: 10.31.20 — When Rikki was a kid living in a homeless shelter with his mom, a stranger took him sneaker shopping to give him a new outlook on life. Now, he's done the same for more than 25,000 others.read more

HALLOWEEN STAFF PICKS :: Top 3 Trick-or-Treat Candy

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.30.20 — For this week's Staff Picks, we're digging deep into the Trick-or-Treat bag for our favorite Halloween candy of all time. What are yours?read more

ACROSS THE POND :: Lynders Chats with Veteran Metal A&R Ian Dickinson from Roadrunner Records

Lyndsay McLaren :: 10.29.20 — For the second edition of Across The Pond, Lynders catches up with Ian Dickinson to learn more about his love for music, sneakers, and vintage band tees. read more