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VOTE :: Election Day is 1 Week Away!

The Hundreds Staff
One week. Seven days. Your destiny. Our future. (in my movie trailer voice)

How Freddy Krueger Slashed His Way From Local Murderer to Pop Culture Icon

The Hundreds Staff
In honor of The Hundreds collaboration with A Nightmare on Elm Street, we’ve dug through every corner of the internet to find all the times Freddy Krueger haunted our favorite shows, movies, and ga...

HINT OF CINNAMON :: No Matter Which Lane She Picks, Ri Mortimore is Golden

Caitlin White
For our latest Hint of Cinnamon profile, we spoke with Ri Mortimore about balancing her full-time job and side gig, which is making custom gold grills for rappers.

STAFF PICKS :: Our Favorite Anime

The Hundreds Staff
It's Friday so you know we had to ask The Hundreds Staff for their favorites. This week's topic was anime!