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THE HUNDREDS WEN COLLAB :: Deadfellaz, BRAiN VOMiT, and Smilesss

The Hundreds Staff
Our collaborations with NFT projects BRAiN VOMiT, Smilesss, and Deadfellaz are available now!

WEN COLLAB :: Deadfellaz is a Zombie Horde of Acceptance, Empowerment, and Inclusion

Duke London
As we gear up to release WEN COLLAB tonight with three of our favorite NFT projects, we highlight Betty from Deadfellaz, a trailblazer for women creators in Web3...

WEN COLLAB :: Waheed Zai's Smilesss Breathed Life Into a Cold 3D World

Duke London
Tomorrow night, we're releasing our collab with the universally loved NFT project Smilesss. Learn more about the project's creator Waheed Zai now before the drop...

WEN COLLAB :: Planting Seeds in the Garden with BRAiN VOMiT Creator Steven Rea

Duke London
Before our huge 3-way collaboration with three new NFT projects we love, we caught up with BRAiN VOMiT creator Steven Rea...