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AUX DUTY :: Secret Heart

The Hundreds Staff
Ahead of our collaboration with Secret Heart, we handed them the AUX to play some music they listened to while creating this project with us. Enjoy this while you wait for The Hundreds X Secret Hea...

Anime Music Videos Are Driving Hip-Hop’s Next Generation

Trey Alston
Hip-hop and Anime have shared fans forever but a recent trend on YouTube finds the two worlds merging more than ever.

This Year Has Been a Battle but Infantry Collective is Winning the War

Duke London
There have been countless brands that have sprouted from The Hundreds Family Tree, and one of the best ones this year has been Infantry Collective. We spoke to the founders, who started it while wo...

VOTE :: We're 2 Weeks Away From Election Day!!

The Hundreds Staff
Just two weeks left until Election Day, make sure you fill out your ballots and turn them back in ASAP!