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When Life Resumes

When life resumes,

the world will be so loud.

The traffic will growl and the airplanes will roar.

The rooms will be full and lively again.

There will be silverware crashing and playgrounds clamoring

And anyone closer than six feet will be HD and surround-sound.

Hugs will be invigorating.

In-person meetings will be dizzying.

I can only imagine the terror of a date. Or a music festival.

We’ll soon forget how we ever

Rode bicycles down the yellow lines during rush hour

Cooked so much and dreamt so vividly

How we observed the hours within minutes

and ate sandwiches on the porch

searching the sidewalk for signs of life.

Discovering the multitudes within us instead.

When life resumes

the world will be so quiet

of detail and introspection

of intentional relationships

established on substantive conversations

of meaning

So maybe

When life resumes

In many ways

Life will stop.


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