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Yachts of the Amalfi

Yachts of the Amalfi

lady goodgirl
Batten down the hatches, I have been taking photos of the world’s largest recreational boats so you don’t have to. You would be surprised how much innate knowledge we all have about vessels we will never permission to come aboard. So let’s try to keep your deck hand above desk at all times

capri boatsBoat that life.

not georgio armanis yacht italian yacht  positano yacht almafi coast yachts yachts of the almafi coast victorias secrete yacht
Owner of Victoria’s Secret, 200,000 euro to rent it for the week. That’s a lot of thongs.

victorias secrete
I’m doing my impersonation of an iceberg.

starboard side capri yachts
Mellow 185 feet.

nirvana yacht
First reports told this mega super yacht belonged to Steven Spielberg.

mega yacht nirvana
Upon further review he owns the yacht named Seven Seas… albeit similar this boat is newer, bigger… and for sale currently for $200,000,000. Comes with 2 “tenders” 4 jet skis. 2 wave runners (what’s the difference?) and takes 26 crew members to run it.

georgio armani yacht
The entire island of Capri says this is Georgio Armani’s yacht… well it’s not because THIS is the Armani boat.

ff1 lola d capri yachtFF1 was just born! Lola D… I’ll be right back with your order.

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