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Active's Skate Film "Where Is It?!" + Q&A w/ Ricky Webb

Active's Skate Film "Where Is It?!" + Q&A w/ Ricky Webb

Active‘s Active Army seriously rip in their latest skate film “Where Is It?!” filmed and edited by Marque Cox (who also filmed THLA’s The Hundreds X Penny Skateboards vid) and starring Denzel White, Brandon Bond, Jonas Lucero, Teddy Abril, Vincent Luevanos, and The Hundreds’ own OG team rider Ricky Webb.

Catch Ricky tearing it up at 20:00 and scroll down for a bite-size interview with him.

How long have you been riding with The Hundreds – for a long ass time right?

Since 2006. It’s been a WHILE.

Describe a typical day:

Wake up, eat, skate, class, work, friends.

5 favorite places in LA and why:

Downtown LA. Favorite place to skate.

Lafayette Skate Park. Another favorite place to skate.

Cha Cha Lounge. Favorite place to chill with my friends and have a drink.

Sunset Beer Company. Favorite place to get a drink.

King of New York pizza in Koreatown. Favorite place to eat. I get their BBQ chicken pizza.

KONY pizza! Stance? 


Street or Vert?

Street, mostly, but I hop on a vert and do a little bit.

Can you tell us more about the “Where Is It?” video?

We worked on it for about a year with my friends, did a couple of tricks. It came out really good. My friend Marque Cox did it.

Where did you guys film?

Basically LA, Frisco, New York, Long Beach.

What’s the best thing that happened to you recently?

Probably my first time in Vncouver. I just skated, hung out, saw a couple people out there, saw Ghostface perform, took a lot of photos.

What’s the worst thing that happened?

Aw man, got my car towed in front of my house, it cost $300! I was blocking my neighbor’s driveway. It happened right before Vancouver, so the worst thing then the best thing happened.



Can’t get enough of the Webb? Check out Ricky sweeping Boss for Bobby’s Twitter endorsement or the time he was in that weird music video where he skated around with’s head.

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