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Vegas Eats :: Tacos el Gordo

Vegas Eats :: Tacos el Gordo

When I’m on the West Coast of the US, I always make sure that I’m able to hit up Las Vegas. Not even for gambling. Actually to meet up with the good people I met when I used to live there back in ’06. Even though it’s always a long time between every visit, it’s like I never left. A big shout out to the 702. Las Vegas for life – that’s where I really got into streetwear culture. I owe them my life.

Like I mentioned, I usually don’t gamble when I’m there, but I do eat. ALWAYS. This time around, I finally got to check out the infamous “TACOS EL GORDO.” BOMB! We went there at like 4am and the place was still packed. So good! I hate that I get full – I wish I could try it all. I had my beloved carne asada fries and tacos, and adobada fries and tacos. Super win. Thanks to the homies Chris and Kenny for always being down for them late night food runs. Here are some pictures of how it all went down:

The late night food run through the Strip to get to the promised land.

These sweats are sick. Shout out to the new Store Exclusive line.

Sluts R People Too. Hah.

Finally there.

What to get?

Attack mode.

But first we have to instagram that.

Norway… lets start making these. Please.

Killed it.

Thank you, come again!

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