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This past weekend was kind of mellow for me. Working on another video project that is eating up my time of enjoying the great outdoors. I did however make it out saturday night for my good friend Valentino Caruso’s birthday. It was being held at the infamous Darkroom located off of Melrose and it was what you would expect from the crowd and the location. Packed with friendly faces and smiles of fun it was a good night, I brought along my camera to attempt to document the evening and this is what I came up with..

Party time

The birth day boy has arrived

What up Curtis

Biebel was in attendance

Atiba with probably the best limited edition shirt ever made

What up Sagan

Blake from Workahloics was out there

Val with Vic from Val Surf

The Real Eli Reed representing

Lucas recognizes a good shirt when he sees one

Daniel Wheatley was busy. Rape Face comeback for 2013?

The Blackouts were keeping things moving

Val + Spencer = Buds

Nate was outside showing off his snap chat to anyone willing to look.

I think she was mad I had a better print.

It’s Mackey Time

Happy birthday to you…..


This was when things started to get weird…

Hope you had a happy birthday Val, people like you are hard to come by and I am glad I can call you my friend. Till next time!


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