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Urs Fischer

Urs Fischer


urs fischer laurence chandler
Currently on display at the MOCA galleries is the retrospective and massive clay installation of Urs Fischer. A self described “Anti-Artist” most of his work is big and as satisfying as my jokes.

clay angeles
Welcome to clay angeles.

clay last supper
Let them eat CLAY!

massive clay explosion
There’s more clay here than Gumbys’ wet dreams!

buscemi handstyle
You weren’t getting up with me in the MOCA!

jeffery dietch
You might take his job… but you can never take his legacy.

ursfischer bigfoot sculpture buscemi museum tag
Can’t take him nowhere!

clay hair paint
You’ve got paint in your hair.

urs fischer jabba the hutt
Salcious Crumb and Jabba were a highlight.

a million pounds of clay moca clay urs fischer urs fischer wax statue moca
Made from wax these larger than life candles are always burning. Giving every museum guest a truly unique view. Also a big fuck you to the art community cuz how you gonna sell a pile of melted wax?

urs fischer candle office chair
Replica model of an office chair, also a melting wax pile.

moca urs fischer
Urs Fischer had randoms come in and just make whatever they wanted out of clay. Because whatever he says is art…. is art.urs fischer 2d walls jon buscemi
Awesome 2D photos printed on walls to recreate some guys studio.

urs fischer hospital bed horse urs fischer clay urs fischer geffen
You have seen all the pics on instagram and other blogs, but here is the retrospective of all his best work.

urs fischer skeleton
I call this one “self to death”

urs fischer baloon broom
When you figure out how this one actually works… mind blown.

urs fischer moca urs fischer bread house

urs fischer raindropsArt monster Laurence Chandler victimized by Urs Fischer making it rain.

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