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Unarchived | Van Styles X Andy San Dimas By Sagan Lockhart

Unarchived | Van Styles X Andy San Dimas By Sagan Lockhart

2011 was an interesting year. My bedroom consisted of a mattress on the front room floor of Scotty Hundreds’ Hollywood apartment. Sagan Lockhart was our third roommate and his bedroom was the couch next to my mattress. The whole Odd Future craze was in full swing and on any given day or night there was a constant tide of Fairfax riffraff ebbing and flowing through the front door. One of the most common and welcomed visitors was Van Styles who was over almost every day—camera in tow. Van and I eventually began working on a magazine project together highlighting some of his photography work. Sagan’s photo career was also taking off and so we all set out together one day to shoot adult film starlet Andy San Dimas for the feature.The first stop was a giant porn production facility inside a nondescript Culver City warehouse space. Inside we toured through all manner of gonzo porn sets including college dormitories, dungeons, doctor’s offices and door after door of active webcam cells—each containing one (or more?) female performers engaging in various live sexual acts for online patrons around the world. Ironically, as bizarre as the place was, the most interesting location we found to shoot was the sea foam green-tiled men’s bathroom. It was old, dingy and had the perfect amount of natural light to shoot Andy. The next stop was the roof of The Hundreds’ old office in LA’s downtown fashion district. The building’s epic skyline views made this location a no brainer. The feature project was released in February of 2012, but these photos shot and submitted by Sagan never actually saw the light of day—until now.


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