By Kazie Holiday

April 02, 2013

Travis Millard is a renaissance man. A zinester. A master of skateboard graphics and album art. A professional teacher-kissing-his-own-ass renderer. Official portrait artist to Ben and Bobby Hundreds. (Just kidding about that last part, but he did do this hilarious illustration of the guys engaged in full-blown, hand-to-hand combat, attempting to suffocate and gauge one another’s eyes out, which is especially funny for those of us who’ve seen the friends and business partners interact around the office.) As if you need further incentive to shop the limited-edition The Hundreds by Travis Millard collection, the zines pictured below are being randomly inserted into the packages of some lucky purchasers. Each has been signed and numbered by the artist, so you can become an instant, overnight art collector. And in precious, adorable, makes-me-want-to-cry news, one of them contains stories penned by Travis’ mother when she was 8-years-old, accompanied by his original drawings. Actually weeping.

by Jane

Kazie Holiday