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Transparency :: 01.08.14

Transparency :: 01.08.14

I’d be dishonest if I said photography was something I grew up on or have been doing for the past 10 years of my life, or even something I’ve had a passion for since I was a kid. In reality, its something I stumbled upon out of necessity. When I first started working in the world of editorial, we were always short-staffed when it came to photography and if we needed to shoot something in-house, it was never possible to do unless we waited a few days. That year (2008), I decided to spare some of my tuition money and buy myself a Nikon D40. Quite honestly, I wasn’t able to afford it outright, so embarrassed, I asked my folks to front me their Best Buy credit card. I’ve never been one to ask my folks for much of anything (after the age of 18)… I’ve always been about working for anything I want and paying for things myself. I really didn’t know how to even handle the damn thing, but slowly I started to learn and teach myself tricks here and there. Its been 5 years since those days and its crazy to see how much I’ve picked up on, although I’ll admit, I’m not the best and I still have tons to learn. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that its now become something I respect and enjoy doing, rather than another necessary skill.

This was shot yesterday at the Agenda Tradeshow in Long Beach. Its nothing that special (the shot that is), but the lighting I thought was dope and I like how all of the colors married together. The rafters were a bit tricky to get to and it was sketchy as hell walking up there, but this was one of my favorites. Yes, its very Instagram new wave… my apologies. I think more than anything, it was cool to get an overhead view of the ground floor and see people in action from a bird’s eye view. A break from all the hustle and bustle, if you will.

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