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Thrasher Magazine's SOTY Party Recap 2013

Thrasher Magazine's SOTY Party Recap 2013

2013 has come and gone and with it came another great year of progress and achievement in skateboarding. We were jaw-dropped by the likes of Nyjah and his relentless onslaught of big rail annihilation, we were wowed by Brandon Westgate and his inhuman snaps, Burnquist and his mind-melting creativity in the vertical realm and then, of course, there was Sandoval, Burman, Provost, Suciu and many others who all commendably raised the bar this year for the cause.But then there was Ishod Wair—the rookie Real pro who had it all—style, finesse, charisma and that magical quality that earned him the prestigious title of Thrasher Magazine’s Skater Of The Year. In celebration, the mag held its annual SOTY party on its home turf in San Francisco and pulled out the stops to help ring in the season and celebrate Mr. Wair in true Thrasher fashion. Bay area thrash metal mainstays, Ghoul, took the stage and treated the crowd to a ripping theatrical performance. Then it  was Phelps and Ishod who took center stage, said a few brief words, held up the iconic trophy and disappeared back into the night marking yet another eternal notch on the belt of skateboarding.











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