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The Hundreds by Travis Millard

The Hundreds by Travis Millard

Today I woke up and didn’t really feel like going to work, but then I remembered it was The Hundreds by Travis Millard release day! (JK Bobby, we always feel like working.) Sometimes clothes are just cotton things we put on our bodies to avoid getting arrested for public indecency, and other times, the things we wear are representative of a state-of-mind and the fact that maybe we’d rather be road-tripping across the country than sitting behind a computer in an office. The Hundreds by Travis Millard is a skate-and-traveling-salesman-inspired collection, designed in collaboration with endlessly-talented illustrator and creative mastermind behind Fudge Factory Comics. Our personal favorite? Ben and Bobby mid-brawl. Obviously. Shop the collection in select retail locations starting today as well as all The Hundreds flagship stores, or find it online on Monday.

by Jane Helpern

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