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The Hundreds by Kenny Scharf :: Available Now

The Hundreds by Kenny Scharf :: Available Now

The Hundreds is proud to finally announce the release of The Hundreds by Kenny Scharf collaboration, now available at all four shop locations (THLA, THSF, THNY, THSM), CaliRoots Stockholm, colette Paris, and in the Online Shop.

Hailing from the East Village Art movement of the ‘80s, painter, muralist, sculptor, and madman Kenny Scharf has been delighting viewers with his effervescent paintings since his days alongside Keith Haring. His zany aesthetic has earned a spot on New York’s fabled graffiti wall in the Bowery, while catching the eyes of industry titans such as Louis Vuitton, Kiehls, and Jeremy Scott during his collaboration with adidas Originals. His work has largely been recognized as a derivative of abstract expressionism combined with pop art, yet still entirely new and his own. While being heralded for his cheerful visuals, Kenny’s work has an underlying and nearly subliminal dark and poignant connotation for those willing to look hard enough; a perfect match for The Hundreds.

Bobby Hundreds’ words on the collaboration:

“We love that he’s a street artist without falling neatly into any graffiti category.  Kenny has an illustrious history in the gallery scene, yet his work still easily crosses over to the everyday onlooker.  We’re drawn to his signature color palette, his appropriation of popular cartoons, and his lightheartedness. And so, we knew that if we were to ever work with the painter on a project, the time was now.”

The Hundreds by Kenny Scharf collection features an ensemble of streetwear camping goods that have been dying to leave Kenny’s imagination and come to fruition since the 1980s. The collection’s recurring all-over print features a repeating pattern painstakingly hand painted by Kenny that we manipulated into a camo pattern, as well as six custom paintings for the collection’s T-shirts. On top of that, we’ve designed an incredibly durable poncho that, when unbuttoned, can be fastened together with multiple ponchos to create a fully functional tarp or tent. As well as a reversible canvas jacket, reversible fleece zip-up jacket, a reversible anorak, reversible hybrid shorts, and all the necessary camping supplies, but enhanced with Kenny’s wonderful designs.

Kenny Scharf has also put his signature liveliness into the accessories collection, which features the “Kenny Kanteen” water bottle, “Kenny Cup” tin cup “Kenny Koozie” coozie, “Kenny Matches” matchbox, “Kenny Light” flashlight, and a “Kenny Kruiser” skate deck.

Shop the collection in the Online Shop.


Verse” reversible bucket hat, “Kenny Adam” T-shirt available in White, Black, and Harbor Blue.

Verse” reversible bucket hat.

Kenny Wear” zip-back cap, “Mood Swing” slant crew-neck sweatshirt, Kenny Scharf reversible hybrid shorts.

Kenny Kup” tin cup, “Kenny Matches” match box.

Kenny Scharf reversible anorak jacket, Kenny Scharf reversible hybrid shorts.

Happy Light” T-shirt, available in Harbor Blue, Black, and Military Green.

Kamping” 5-panel cap, Kenny Scharf pocket T-shirt, Kenny Scharf reversible fleece zip-up jacket.

Back logo hit of “Kenny Adam” T-shirt.

Kenny Sharf reversible woven jacket, “Kamping” 5-panel.

Verse” reversible bucket hat.

Verse” reversible bucket hat, “Kamping Kenny” pullover hooded sweatshirt.

Kenny Kanteen” water bottle, “Kamping” 5-panel cap with detachable neck cover.


Kenny Scharf reversible woven jacket.

Kenny Scharf packable poncho used as a tent.

Kenny Koozie” coozie.

Kenny Scharf reversible anorak jacket.

Kenny Light” flashlight.

Kamping” 5-panel.

Kenny Scharf packable poncho.

Kamping” 5-panel cap, “Kamping Kenny” pullover hooded sweatshirt.

Kamping Kenny” pullover hooded sweatshirt, available in black and athletic heather.


Kenny Scharf reversible anorak jacket.

Shop The Hundreds by Kenny Scharf in the Online Shop.


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