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The Cullen Hotel

The Cullen Hotel

the cullen hotel entrance
Even before I became an international expert on leisure I spent most of my free time in hotels. Throughout my life I have hated my living quarters so much, any time I got a spare $35 I would stay at a Motel 6. Concepts didn’t (currently still might not) have a bathroom so we would use The Charles Hotel with their fabric napkins. This solidifies my superior knowledge on hotels, and that is why The Cullen Hotel in Melbourne gets a special feature.

cullen hotel DFACEThe untrained eye would completely overlook the DFACE stencil on the walkway.

silver cowThe Cullen is part of the Art Series hotel group in Melbourne Australia. The Cullen is inspired by and features lashings of original artwork and prints by Australian contemporary artist, Adam Cullen.

ed kelly smartcarCool story: Adam Cullen was on the bee line to becoming Australia’s next Damian Hirst. Hence the hotel being named after him and filled with his “controversial” work. But after an epic party he died.

cullen 5th floorI had a few epic parties while I stayed here. wink wink

cullen hotel lobbyMy friend Camilla told me lots of foregniers find this piece offensive because the guy in the middle looks like a klu klux klan member.

cullen hotel giftshop cullen art

the cullen
When you go to Melbourne, this is where you stay. Capisce (pronounced cah-PEESH)?

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