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Test Shot :: Kush Suicide

Test Shot :: Kush Suicide

The opportunities that can arise from technology these days is just awesome. Whether it be connecting with someone who shares like-minded views on a forum or just old fashioned e-mails, it is all rad. Case in point, on one of my Miami trips I had the opportunity to link up and shoot with an ethnic beauty who went by the name of Kush. She is part of the famed Suicide Girls site and had hit me up expressing an interest in shooting during my stay. Now if you have been following my work, then you know I have had a few experiences shooting with girls from this group before. Last year in Austin, TX, and Los Angeles as well. I like working with girls who are associated with Suicide Girls – usually they have a interesting style and look that works well on camera. Aside from that, they have all been really cool and fun to hang out with while shooting. Scroll below and read my interview with Kush and you’ll see exactly what I am saying.

Okay, Kush… by the way, I love being able to call you that. How old are you?
I’m twenty-two years old, going on twenty-three in August.

And what is your ethnicity?
I’m Dominican/French with a dash of Native American.

Just a dash huh? Where were you born?
Manhattan, New York.

That’s what’s up. And where do you currently live?
Miami, FL.

Name some of your likes in life for us.
Olives, cats, my bong and my weed.

Sounds like some essentials. Any dislikes?
Profound political and social instability and the racism that still lives in our nation/world.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
An Opera singer, or just to be able to say I was on a broadway stage.

I am sure either experience would be amazing to have under your belt. Do you have any influences?
Ashley Moore and Beyoncé.

What is your favorite type of food?
I’m addicted to Mexican food.

You would love L.A. then. What is your favorite place you have traveled to?
Lisbon, Portugal… Oh, how I miss Lisboa.

Out there. Name a place you want to visit before you die.
The world – I absolutely love traveling! I want to go everywhere this earth has to offer.

What is your current form of employment?
Social media/bartender at the best bar in Miami.

What is your favorite type of music?
I’m a music major so I could never pick one genre. It ranges from Opera/classical music – Rock and roll – Trap music.

Variety is always nice. Tell us what do you love about Miami?
The fact that it’s such a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. The beach weather is always a plus.

Is there anything that you dislike about Miami?
I personally feel that it’s been a very slow boom to success in the arts. And for a city built on cocaine, you’d think we’d move at a faster pace.

Joint, blunt, bong, G-pen, or vaporizer?
Blunt and bongs all day, but I must admit, I have been getting into these Vape pens all the kids are using these days.

What is it that you love about being a Suicide Girl?
The community of girls that form Suicide Girls. I could honestly say I have built friendships that will last a lifetime because of them – and at the end of the day, that’s the most beautiful thing I could ever have ever gained from passionately being nude on the internet.

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