Test Shot :: Francesca Aiello

Test Shot :: Francesca Aiello


August 26, 2013

Happy monday everyone. Back with another test shot segment to start your week off right. Today I bring you Francesca Aiello. She had the good heart to e-mail me about shooting together since my work had caught her eye. She had a great portfolio via instagram that made me want to work with her. Although she lives out in Malibu she was able to meet up with me at a location I had arranged for the day of shooting we had planned. Now if you are familiar with this beauty you will know she is usually photographed in swim wear. I figured we wouldn’t need to do any of that but rather try to give her a different look for these pictures then what most people might be use to. So she threw on a bra and some denim shorts that made for a girl next door type of look. Using a very minimal bedroom as our backdropped served well with some awesome results. I think between her tan and the color of the outfit it just popped in this white room. So take a look below for yourself and have a great day.



So lets start this Francesca, what is the age?


What about your ethnicity?

Italian and Spanish

Where were you born?

Santa Monica,Ca

And where do you currently live?


Name off some of your likes in life.

Bikinis,the beach,thai food,surfing,instagram and candy!

And what about some dislikes?

Sub tweets,guys that don’t smell good and juicing! It is so gross!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A model and to keep running my bikini line Frankies Bikinis

Any influences in your life?

My mom.

Name a favorite place you have traveled to.


What about a place you want to visit before you die?

Bora Bora.

And what is your current form of employment?

Owner and designer of my bikini line.

Do you have any favorite music?

Hip-Hop (Kid Ink or Kanye) and Frank Ocean.

What do you love about the beach so much?

I love being in the water and I love laying in the sun, it is the best feeling. Oh I also love running around in my bikini basically not wearing any clothes!











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