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Test Shot-Anastasia Esper

Test Shot-Anastasia Esper

Well here we are a new year and a new test shot segment. This time I got to shoot with Anastasia Esper. I had met her years ago through my pal Asa Akira. We had been talking about the idea of shooting photos for a long time now but never got around to it. Maybe it is scheduling or maybe things just happen when they happen, if that makes any sense. She had just recently relocated to the Beverly Hills area in a cool vintage apartment. Since we actually had finally planned a shoot she suggested we shoot there after she settles in, well she got settled and I came and shot a few sets with her. Anastasia already has camera experience mainly in the form of acting. and some modeling so shooting with her was fun and easy. I picked this set due to the setting of being in her hallway of her building and the great lighting it had which made for some good pictures,take a look below for yourself to see.

Van Styles: Age?

Anastasia Esper: 25

VS: Ethnicity?

AE: Mexican, Lebanese, Spanish

VS: Where were you born?

AE: Michigan City, IN

VS:Where do you currently live?

AE: Los Angeles, CA

VS: What are some of your likes?

AE: All art forms of expression, human psychology, good food, and kisses.  Anything and everything that deepens my understanding of the world I live in.

VS: And dislikes?

AE: Routine and close-minded people.

VS: What are some of your  influences?

AE: My parents are my greatest influences.  To all of those around me that are courageous and ambitious:  I dig you.

VS: How about your favorite food?

Ae: This changes all the time, but currently tacos & cupcakes :)

VS: Current employment?

AE: Actress

VS: What do you want to be when you grow up?

AE: A memorable contribution.

VSL How about your favorite music?

AE: I refuse to choose!  I am a huge music-junkie.  Different artists and genres speak to different aspects of me that feel just as personal as the next.  I come from a long line of musicians in my family, so music has always been a major outlet.

VS: Favorite place traveled?

AE: Machu Picchu, Peru

VS: Place you want to visit before you die?

AE: The moon.

Follow Anastasia on twitter: @AnastasiaEsper and instagram: @stasiiii

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