By Alexander Spit

July 11, 2014

Scrolling through my blurry photos I think, it seems as if I live a pretty f****n’ fun life.

With chump change in my pockets and a broken window on my Jeep, I wander through California soaking up as much inspiration from every small detail there is. Most of the recreational escapes are at arms length and I indulge for the sake of  my own livelihood and to showcase my many muses.

Hopefully these posts and photos find you with a side of inspiration. I like to think that I put myself on the forefront of the realest people in Los Angeles and San Francisco, simply for you to enjoy on your glowing computer screen.

I like to think that these posts make you log off and get outside.

Here’s some miscellaneous photos I snapped this past month with my shitty Olympus free of stupid hashtag disclaimers to have you think I’m amazing.
(#film, #vintage, #photography, #35mm)



Alexander Spit