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State of Mind

State of Mind

There are a lot of things to love about networking. Meeting new people, creating new friendships and having new opportunities. While visiting Las Vegas back in August for Agenda I had the opportunity to meet the good people of State Bicycle Co. through my pal Trash Hand. During our initial meet the idea came up of me shooting for them. And I loved this idea, see as fun as it is to shoot beautiful girls and what not I find it exciting to get offered something like this from a brand such as State. After playing e-mail tag they had told me their new color way for their Contender bike was releasing and they thought it would be a good time to work together on this. I agreed and linked up with their in-house photographer/videographer Jeff for the shoot. Together we hit up various locations in L.A. to set the bike up for some photos to showcase it. After getting those key pictures we thought it would be fun to blend our two worlds so I called up my buddy Alysha Nett to see if she was free to do some modeling with the Contender and lucky for us she was. So we headed over to her place for some fun. She said she had never worked with a bicycle as a prop and Jeff said mentioned State has never used a female model in this way either. It is fun to see everyone come together and have some fun in the name of bicycles.






You can purchase State Bicycles Contender here.

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