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Available Now :: Spring 2016 D2 Fleece & Outerwear

Available Now :: Spring 2016 D2 Fleece & Outerwear

The Hundreds is proud to provide a closer look at the The Hundreds Spring 2016 D2′s fleece and outerwear collection—all available now at flagship locations, authorized stockists, and in the Online Shop.

The Hundreds’ Spring 2016 collection is influenced by the military garbs worn by soldiers returning Stateside from Vietnam in the late ’60s and early ’70s. We were inspired by the imagery of soldiers dawning their military-issued clothing in unison, protesting. And from a desire to continue this newfound, homely solidarity, these communities born of rebellion evolved into clubs—be it motorcycle, surfing, skateboarding, or motocross. We pay homage to that tight-knight camaraderie, to the first brand of brothers, the first pack of Hyenas—strength in numbers. It’s an attitude that’s been established since our beginnings, when Bobby Hundreds shot our lookbooks using the entire streetwear community.

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DUMONT” crew-neck sweatshirt :: black

LIVMORE” pullover hooded sweatshirt :: black, burgundy, and forest

LEVY” pullover hooded sweatshirt :: black, red, and navy

TOWER” crew-neck sweatshirt :: black, ash heather, and forest

MESA” pullover hooded sweatshirt :: athletic heather, off-white, and black

PIVOT” jacket :: black, blue, and burgundy

DELL” jacket :: black, blue, and navy

LENS” jacket :: blue

PARKER” flannel jacket :: red

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