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Spring '13 Rook Book

Spring '13 Rook Book

Last month I was asked to shoot the Spring ’13 look book for Rook Brand clothing. After talking with Joe and Jon I was down for it, see I believe when working on projects or when working with people it is important to believe in all of the above. I don’t think I could see myself taking a job purely on the money on a project I was not into or if I didn’t get a good impression from the people behind it. I have noticed over the years that the outcome is much more pure when you are into what you are working on. And being given creative freedom to shoot how I want made this that much more fun, it is a rad feeling when people back your vision. So I gathered up some friends for a day of shooting out in Malibu. In this first drop they featured Tianna (formerly known as Tee Nutty) but in the video below you will see Paloma and Kaylee who will be featured in the upcoming months drops. So below are a couple of shots as well as the video but if you want to see more of their collection you can look here.

Van Styles x Rook Spring ’13 Lookbook from Rook Brand on Vimeo.

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