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I stumbled onto Instagram a little over 2 years ago, after avoiding Twitter like the plague and not really ever being into Facebook. I’m not the social media type, mostly because I have a short attention span (which might contradict my sentiment) and little patience with trolls, but I always found Instagram to be the perfect medium for me. After seeing a friend in New York develop a bike meet sometime back, I thought this could be something cool to do on the media end of things and when I came to the The Hundreds, I was finally able to put it to use. The general idea behind Street Meet wasn’t necessarily to produce something “cool” or “trendy.” It wasn’t meant to be “innovative” or “original.” It definitely wasn’t put together to take “cool” shots and get a ton of “likes” on them. Honestly, it was just a way to bring the community a bit closer and get to meet fans of the brand on a more personal level. While I’m sure some of the other gatherings, namely through Instagram, are heavily inspired by photography, ours was focused around the power of human interaction. With over 100 folks in attendance, the turnout was amazing and definitely something that was well worth the stop and go traffic afterwards. I had a great time meeting fresh faces and I’m sure everyone was beyond hyped on rubbing elbows with Bobby and Van Styles.








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