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So I just meditate at the home in Pompeii

So I just meditate at the home in Pompeii

hey who left that there
3000 years ago Mt Vesuvius erupted and buried one of the most flourishing cities in ash and debris. Think New Orleans getting just annihilated by natural forces… I mean imagine a small town outside Tokyo…er, you know the deal. Anyway the most fascinating part was life was not much different than today, the city was built around a main street full of shops, there was a bar on every corner and they slaughtered Christians on the reg.

creepy pompeii
This bronze statue survived fiery rain and earthquakes and thieving tourists. It was firmly secured to the stone… ask me how I know.

pompeii statue
Do you think he was holding a bow and arrow? I harp? Or one of those shitty iPad wannabe smart tablets?

pompeii stadium
The old Pompeiians had a massive colosseum that could hold over 17,000 spectators. They had like a weak ball sport, but the gladiator battles are what everyone came to see. Then they would feed Christians to lions. Kind of like Phish concerts of today.

pompeii center
Vesuvius can been seen in the background. One of the boat drivers told me it was double the size before it erupted… he clearly doesn’t understand how mountains work.

pompeii gladiator
Imagine gladiators like Aron Hernandez raging out of the tunnel to some flirty drum beats just to kill an innocent person with different beliefs.

pompeii tunnel pompeii collesium
I was like, “Hey kid, isn’t this history stuff cool?” He replied, “I’m waiting to see your none believing blood spilled and worthless corpse thrown to the dogs.”

main street pompeii
Just like Fairfax this is the street all the nerds hung out hoping for free gear. I must have stood here for 6 hours before I realized it was closed.

pompeii stray
The city has a population of about 2000 stray dogs.

pompeii faun
The Jimmy Goldstein of Pompeii that had the biggest house had this little faun statue in the entrance. It was also next to the brothel… times never change.

pompeii stepping stones
These rocks are for walking across the street without stepping in all the raw sewage. Spaces between the stones are for the carts to pass thru.

pompeii temple pompeii artifacts pompeii streets rob heppler pompeii tamie ingham pompeiiI’m sure it was illeagle then, even more so today. You haven’t been kicked out of anyplace until you get kicked out of a city that’s been deserted for 3000 years.

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