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Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea

driftwood sculptureThe Runyon Canyon of Australia is a waterfront walkway called Bondi to Bronte. Filled with steps, hills, rocky outcrops and cliffs it’s heaps different than Runyon. Once a year the several kilometer path is filled with sculptures and called “Sculpture by the Sea.” Sculptures are the new prints, according to Laurence Chandler, if you don’t have one in your portfolio… you are nobody

glass feet

bottle capsMany themes were trash focused… these are all bottle caps. Beautiful… but deadly. Like Amanda Knox!

look what i can do

woven murder

trash planet

bottle cap avalanche little tents bondi

sculptures by the sea

bondi bubble blower

aware of your own existenceStory of my life.

bondi beach art

bondi bronte sculpturesIn hindsite, noon would have been a way better time to take photos.

stairway to heaven

mobile by the sea



pile of matteresses

steampunk nissan jukeThe coolest Nissan Juke on the planet… am I right?

do yall even liftWinner of the Do You Even Lift scholarship award.

pushing weight

yellow thing

clear boat

giant metal sculpture bondi

face sculpture

bondi rock sculpture

coming soon

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