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Rendezvous :: Samaria

Rendezvous :: Samaria

Every Friday, Neave shares a photo set on called “Rendezvous.” You’re welcome.

A while ago, I posted a tweet of mine on my Instagram that said:

“Photographers! When girls start hitting you up to hang out, what they really want is for you to take photos of them. It’s strictly fake.”

I ended up deleting it, but I got a bunch of emails and DMs from photographers saying how true that statement was. But then I got a DM from Samaria that said “I’ll be straight up. I’d love for you to photograph me.” I respected the honesty and also I was like, “Holy shit, she’s gorgeous.” So after an exchange of a few text messages and emojis, we made plans to shoot at my house. And shoot at my house we did. Keep in mind, I live in a house built in 1921, so there’s no air conditioning. From now on, most of the girls I photograph at my house are going to look and be sweaty. Which is hot in photos… but then what am I supposed to do if they start smelling like a hobo? You know? With everything going organic, some people are choosing to use organic deodorant. Which is great because it’s probably not as toxic as the stuff they sell at CVS! But at the same time, these organic deodorants don’t work at all. So not only do they sweat, they also smell like a wet sock left at a Whole Foods meat aisle. And that is fucking gross, my friends.

Well, cool. Glad I could go off on a rant about organic deodorants. Enjoy this set!!!

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