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Rendezvous :: Jessie Andrews

Rendezvous :: Jessie Andrews

Shutter speed! Aperture! Camera strap! Fashion! Cool sticker on laptop! A sense of adventure and false hope! Photography!!!


The other day I had to go to Santa Monica for a meeting but I didn’t have my car. So Jessie, being the awesome being that she is, offered to give me a ride. Holy shit, right? So we headed out from my place in Echo Park around 2pm, I went to my meeting, and afterwards we decided to stop by the beach since the sun was sitting and shit was looking PRETTY. I carry my 1972 Canon ftb with me every day, so we decided to take some photos while we were out there. The colors were insane and I thought it would be a good time to mess with some double exposure stuff. I am very stoked on the end result, especially since I wing it every time and somehow it works. Or do i?! Who knows.

Fun fact: I have lived in Los Angeles since 2001 and this shoot was my 8th time in Santa Monica… ever. It’s just way outside my bubble, you know? Why am I explaining myself? It’s almost like this is therapy where I can get shit off of my chest. Does anyone have a Hulu Plus account they want to share? Okay, awesome.


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