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Rendezvous :: Gabriela Part II

Rendezvous :: Gabriela Part II

As some of you may know, through social media or just plain stalking, I was in New York for 10 days. I escaped the LA heat wave just in time to catch all the fashion week after parties, and boy were they fantastic! I have no interest in fashion or a whole week of it whatsoever, but those people know how to party! Actually they don’t… They have an open bar, they grab a drink, and they stand around and talk about fashions and kale. I guess what I am trying to say is I fucking love open bars. I have no interest in dudes wearing neon speedos in combat boots while some dipshit photographer chases them down the street to get a photo for their “blog.”


So while I was in New York, I hit up our old friend Gabriela. It was a rainy day and she was running around the city to get to her castings and all of a sudden I got a text that said she fell down a few stairs while trying to get to the subway and that the day was not going her way. I initially laughed at her because models falling is funny (look it up on YouTube) but then I felt bad. I told her I was staying at The Standard hotel in the Meatpacking district and that if she wants to come hang out, she is more than welcome to. She came over to relax and hang out, and naturally my camera made an appearance, and the rest is what you see below.

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