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Rendezvous :: Gabriela

Rendezvous :: Gabriela

Does anyone know anything about Irish dancing!? No!? Okay!

I met Gabriela at an Irish Dancing Competition (also known as Feis… for those who live under a rock) I was one of the judges for last year’s competition, and I must say, River Dance is no joke. She got first place, and after her competition we flew to Ireland and the entire country greeted us with beers and Cadbury’s Chocolate.  See, meeting models is the least exhilarating experience in the world, so I make up stories to make myself feel good about it. We met over Instagram earlier this year, then she showed up to my house, and then I took some pictures of her. See how boring that was? Anyway, Gabriela is indeed an Irish Dancer and it is fucking mind-blowing. I think it’s so cool that she’s this model that has been a competitive Irish Dancer for most of her life. I have shot her a few times over the months, and I decided to have a Rendezvous with her this week since she’s visiting from New York. Enjoy these colorful photos.



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