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RECAP :: eTc Tacoma 2 Year Anniversary Party at RSWD

RECAP :: eTc Tacoma 2 Year Anniversary Party at RSWD

This past weekend was amazing. We had eTc Tacoma pop-up at RSWD, with Saturday marking the 2 year anniversary of eTc, the Washington rarewear boutique helmed by RSWD’s former captain Umi Wagoner and his partner Perris Wright. Fam and friends alike gathered to celebrate the 2 year milestone from sunset to sundown. You know Five and Umi had the bottles of Moet and Veuve on deck (the rest of us had free beer by Sapporo).

Umi and Perris’s grassroots approach to running a shop through eTc has fostered the local streetwear community in Tacoma, hosting open mics and art shows for the youth. They’re loved. They even got a bench in front—a neighborhood welcome mat just like RSWD’s. So you know everyone was there to support. Check out our recap below, photos by Paolo Fortades.


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