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Nike Settles Lawsuit Against Three Former Designers

Nike Settles Lawsuit Against Three Former Designers

Nike’s grand legal inquisition against its former dream team of designers (Marc Dolce, Dennis Denkovic, Mark Miner) over the least year has come to a curious twist of events, being settled abruptly out of court. This comes after the requests of depositions from the front office of the Portland giant. The fight between the designers and their former boss started after they all agreed to not renew their contract and joined sides with German archrival adidas, building an advanced design studio for them in Brooklyn. Nike had previously suggested that the designers had broken their non-compete contract and had been in talks with Nike employees, as well as trading industry secrets including designs for a sponsored athlete’s shoes. While much of the settlement is still secret, no side was mandated by the court to pay the attorney fees of their opponent, a sign of a amicable agreement being made.



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