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N.Y. State of Mind :: Day 2

N.Y. State of Mind :: Day 2

For my second day back East, I got to link up with my good buddy Tim, or as you probably know him, 13th Witness. I spent the day with his crew of photographers, driving all over the city, just shooting everything we could. Hitting train tracks, JFK and even venturing all the way out to Queens to grab some sunset flicks, and to meet up with Jason Goldwatch and a few others for some amazing Greek food. All in all, it was a full, awesome day of having fun with some good people. Definitely puts things in perspective that we are fortunate enough to do this, while most people have to work jobs that have nothing to do with their interests and make them miserable… truly felt blessed.

City bound

Bumped into my teammate Sammy

What up 40 0z. Van

Backyard boogie in the Bowery

SDJ keeping occupied with some mobile technology

The other Van doing one of the things he does best.

Had to hit up the infamous Katz’s

Mission time


Plane Spotting

3 of 1610

Like Resevoir Dogs but with instagram.

Jason hard at work at his office in the Mass Appeal loft.

Dinner time

Tim snapping the goods

Not a bad way to end the day

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