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Music Make You Lose Control

Music Make You Lose Control

Nathan Fielder vampire weekend
Have you heard about this new band Vampire Weekend? If you are as confused as I am about all the new music that is out there today, then I have a helpful way to remember who is who. Vampire Weekend sounds like girls… but aren’t. Phoenix is always whining. M83 has a girl and a british robot in it. XX sounds like ghosts. Oh, and every band is from Cape Cod. This is a picture of that dry comedian Nathan Fiedler proposing to his friend and introducing Vampire Weekend.

vampire weekend hollywood bowlAs an intramural music critic I will offer my inappropriate 6 year late opinion. I like how they say rad things in a gay way. Flirty melodies, complicated mixolydian, vernacular at the 12th grade reading level… but then they say something like the way I would say it. Like regular guy talk.

vampire weekend hollywood ezraI never get the guitar pick :(

Ezra KoenigJump suits are trending. Ezra is also better at Twitter than you.

kevin mitzi hockingIf it is a music venue, you can believe Box Water’s Kevin and Mitzi Hockin will be there.

hollywood bowl crowdSell outs… get it?

hollywood bowl vampire weekend vampire weekend set vampire weekend tour rob heppler hollywood bowl bart simpson sweaterSick jumper kid.

hollywood bowl cupsSpecial thanks to Dan Weisman for the seats and wine.

taylor hawkingsThen it was off to Sayers Club to catch Taylor Hawkings do whatever he wants. If you played drums for the Foo Fighters for over a decade you can do whatever you want, too.

taylor hawkings sayersHis rendition of Jane Says brought more happiness than junkie guilt. Then he played a Van Halen song that only I seemed to know. This was easily a contender for best night ever.


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